M. Pevere. Growing cellulose

On cellulose

A couple of months ago Brian Degger has introduced an idea of making paper/cellulose from living bacteria. The upcoming participative session of Margherita Pevere is a continuation of what has been started in terms of bacterial cellulose. Everyone is kindly invited! Donations are greatly appreciated!

26 March 2016 @ 18:00
>top Schillerpalais, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

In a participative session, Margherita Pevere will present her research on microbial cellulose, an organic medium which resembles both body tissues and paper at the same time. She will discuss the specific ambiguity and paradoxes of this biomaterial and adopt her research on cellulose as a metaphor for an investigation on the boundaries between human identity and biosphere. Through her experiments with microbial cellulose, Margherita will guide the audience through an exploration of the notions of identity, erosion and the human attempt to oppose the transiency of life. The audience is invited to observe, smell, scribble and touch.


Margherita Pevere is an artist and independent researcher based in Berlin. Her work focuses on the human need to leave traces of one’s own existence, traces that last possibly beyond human biological mortality. In her artistic practice, Margherita has adopted the aesthetic forms of audiovisual works, works on paper and bioart projects. Her work has been presented at Transmediale Vorspiel – Green Hill Gallery (Berlin); Studio Baustelle (Berlin); DRHA Conference – Digital Research for the Humanities and the Arts, University of Greenwich (London); Film Academy Skopje (Skpje, MK). www.margheritapevere.com