Cases of Spaces

Location: TOP project space, Industriestr 40 / Schätzelbergstrasse 1-3, 12099 Tempelhof

15-16th February
Vernissage 15th of February 18:00
top e.V Berlin

On the occasion of an encounter, two classes from two different academies share their processes and open a collaborative discussion to reflect on their work as well as alternative pedagogies. Mostly research-based, their artistic and architectural approaches address the challenges and opportunities of creating historical, political, social, and technological debates. Both classes explore practices that include various media and spatial experimentation, in different scales, from urban interventions to video, installations, performances, sound, and text.

Temporary Spaces (Hochschule für Künste Bremen) is an open platform for the collaborative creation of reflexive aesthetic experiences. Cases and Conditions (Bauhaus Universität Weimar) has gathered students with different artistic and architectural positions, from different geographical and cultural backgrounds. We have learned and continue to learn from our situated stories and experiences, from our particular works and biographies.

This encounter at top e.V. Berlin does not produce concrete answers, but focuses on the collective discussion and shared processes engaged with space, language and data, as well as practices and politics of life, resistance, and change. Critical theory and ancient philosophy, feminist and queer theories, as well as socialist architectural utopias are addressed.

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