Sonic Seasoning – Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM


Sun. 26.01.2020 
15:30 – 20:00
Donation-based entrance fee.

“When noise is added to an eating experience, it can affect the levels of sweetness, bitterness, or sourness people perceive from their food.”

Please join us for a multi-sensory experience, a 4-course meal with special sonic seasoning on Sunday 26th of January. Please RSVPtop [at] top-ev [dot] de

 * Image courtesy Hyui Ines Rmi


Agente Costura

Performed with industrial machines turned into noise boxes, Agente Costura’s surprising improvisations are based on the act of sewing – the repetitiveness of an amplified machine layered with the melodic features of self-made, wearable, analog-electronic instruments, all combined within a thrilling visual performance. She plays solo and in different constellations of artists, musicians, dancers, and curious audiences.


Otolitos is improv, minimalist, amplified sound by the collective of Tristen, Tom, Angie, and Agnė. Someone once called us ‘post-improv’. The most rakishly delightful soft-noise band in central Europe! We perform with drums/bass/noisebox/projections/voice. Email us and we will come and play in your basement.


Satie’s h3ir

Performed by Hyui Ines Rmi ( and Maximilian Schweizer, “Satie’s h3ir” sprouted from a dream seed that Hyui had 6 years ago. She fell asleep listening to the infamous “Première Gymnopédie” which seamlessly seeped into the dream to become the “furniture music” of hir dream. The dream unveiled a mysterious woman to hir, which took hir on a journey of imagined sceneries and spaces that she renders in text and poetry. Through recollecting x unlearning the piece on piano, she embodies the woman in hir dreamspace which Maximilian Schweizer overlays with intangible soundspace through found sounds, field recordings, and improvisations.


Culinary installation and performance
There will be one dish served during each of four performances for the night. Each dish is a culinary interpretation of the sonic presentation of each performer.
Form, consistency, texture, color, smell and many other possibilities released from the sonic suggestions of high-mid-low frequencies, tempo, distortion, reverberation, resonance form the performers will distinguish the dishes.
The final dish will be served alongside a live audio performance from Soydivision crew (Performed by Ariel Orah (​​) and Morgan Sully
Soydivision Berlin is an art collective consisting of Berlin based-Indonesians provoking discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through art and food. The experiences they’ve lived through both as foreigners and as long-time residents in a land that doesn’t necessarily share the same characteristics with the one they hail from forces them to reevaluate their standing in a new society while retaining aspects that have consolidated their pre-formed identity. One of the most significant parts of this particular struggle comes from the different eating habits on one hand and the scarcity of familiar food on the other. Exposure to, and interaction with, different people, mediums, environments and design, lead to experimentation that Soydivision Berlin chooses to tackle from an artistic and culinary perspective. Every output features a collaboration with a guest artist to reflect a process that demands symbiotic interactions, prone to unforeseen interventions and is ultimately, never-ending. Soydivision Berlin aims to explore all possible permutations, mixing, matching, amplifying and reducing in a performative as well as culinary context, ultimately translating their events into an interface for experimentations in the hope that it will help make sense of the environment we live in.