Spatial Commons – Städtische Freiräume als Ressource

13.6.2018 (19:00 – 21:00) 
at TopLab, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049

Spatial Commons –  Städtische Freiräume als Ressource/ Urban Open Spaces as a Resource (eds. Pelger, Kaspar & Stollmann 2016): Book Presentation & Discussion with co-editor and co-author Dagmar Pelger.

According to the publication’s authors, dealing with the commons requires an examination of spatial questions as space is urgently needed in order to access and negotiate resources amongst a community. The publication is a great introduction to the commons, presenting a concise historical overview of the main concepts from different schools of thought. It then examines four different spatial commons from the past, and looks at how these ideas can be transfered to the present context of Berlin.

The event will take place in both English and German, as the publication is available in both languages. You can download it here:

This event is part of our monthly reading groups on our three main topic streams, kicking off the one on Commons & Space. The format of the reading groups will stay flexible to need and context – this time, it is more of a casual book presentation with space for questions and an open discussion. Welcome!

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