Forever Alpha

Forever Alpha Biohacking Meetup

Join us for a social night of biohacking-inspired activities and presentations. This will be the first in a series of events over the next six months to bring together the DIY Bio-interested community here in Berlin and build momentum for opening a public biohackspace in late 2016. Come hang out and have a DNAquiri!

Saturday, April 16 at 6:30 PM

We kindly ask for a €5 donation, but we do not want this contribution to limit anyone’s ability to participate. In-kind donations through used lab equipment are welcome too!

Beginning at 1830h, the event includes:

#Cellfie Station
Lucy Patterson
Capture yourself in a new light (bring a smartphone).

Kitchen Lab Installation (you may still donate your artwork)
As the top e.V. crew packs up their kitchen lab to head to Stockholm for the Supermarket fair, artworks contributed to the space around the kitchen as laboratory theme will be on display.

Book presentation and reading with Rüdiger Trojok
Biohacking – Genetic engineering for all, Franzis Verlag

Lesung auf Deutsch: For years now, a global scene of civil scientists working on modern biology has been growing, and their work is generally known as biohacking. For all those interested, and newcomers to the subject, this should serve as a guide book for basic understanding of the world of molecular biology. Starting with the beginning of life, the history of evolution is explained in broad terms by the present state of knowledge, alongside practical examples on how to apply theoretical knowledge. Using advanced software, synthetic biology can rewrite the digital code of life. With this new ability, we now face a public debate on how to deal meaningfully with this knowledge and the resultant technical possibilities.

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